Excerpt from Sleeping with the Enemy 

Chosen Wars Book Five 

By Jana Leigh 

“I am sorry,” the small gorgeous woman said to them trying to move toward them without stepping on the debris which was impossible. “We are obviously closed because of a situation we have.” 

“Obviously,” one of the guys muttered behind them. 

Tao and Virani were both frozen, neither could take their eyes off the woman in front of them. And neither noticed the other having a reaction to the female. 

“Okay then,” she said softly and slightly sarcastically. “Forgive us, the owners are on their way with the police, I am going to have to ask you to leave.” 

Virani was the first to snap out of it, then said, “Is there anything we can do to help?” 

The woman frowned and both men sucked in the foul smell of piss as well as the sweetest scent either had ever smelt. “Mine,” Tao growled under his breath and Virani frowned and looked at his best friend. What the fuck was he doing, he could see him holding back shifting. It was his mate in front of them, right? 

“Fucking hell,” he whispered and Tao finally looked at him. “Mate?” 

“Yes,” Tao said. 

“Me too,” Virani said and his friend grinned. 

“Nice,” Tao said and they both turned their gaze back to the woman who had gotten closer and was not looking at them curiously any longer, now she had a horrified look on her face. 

“Seriously, what the fuck? Are you guy’s escapees too? I don’t think I can handle that again,” Slay said honestly and looked at the group of men. She didn’t feel threatened, not like she had with the crazy fuck yesterday. Instead she felt something strange, like a pull towards the men, but that was nuts. They were hot, no mistaking that. Both of them were huge, one with dirty blonde hair and grey eyes and stood next to the dude who was apparently the leader. He was dark-haired with bright green eyes, and had day old scruff on his face. Yeah, both fucking gorgeous and panty droppers. 

“No, we are sorry,” Tao said and stepped forward and held out his hand. “My name is Tao Brex and this is Virani Mevan, we were asking if there was something we could do to help you here?” 

“Ummm,” she said skeptically and then shook her head. The blonde’s name was Tao, not that she cared. “No, the owners are taking care of notifying the police and we will need to make a plan for clean up, so I guess we will be closed for a while. There is another café down the street that is open.” 

“And you are?” Tao asked softly and the woman’s gaze widened. 

“Uh, yeah pretty sure,” she snapped and then a ruckus in the back of the café drew her attention. Tao and Virani both stiffened and immediately went into protection mode. The woman who hadn’t revealed her name was swung behind them. 

“The police have reports of a man accosting you yesterday, why didn’t you tell me,” an older woman screeched in the middle of the café. 

“Maria,” the woman behind them yelled.

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